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Jaiva Technologies

IT & Social Media Consulting Firm

A well designed and configured network is a key element to support the processes of the company.

Our mission is to help companies to protect their information and technology infrastructure.

Expert IT Support and services from seasoned IT Professionals. How can we help?

We'll help you leverage the marketing & recruiting power of the most popular social media companies and the most innovative web page design.

Who we are?

We are a firm of professional IT & Social Media consultants with extensive experience. We help businesses to achieve their business goals through smart use of technology and social media.


In Jaiva Technologies we serve companies in a wide range of industries, including: Food, Beverages, Energy, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Financial among many others.

"I highly recommend Jaiva Technologies. They are professional, hard working and dependable and can help with every facet of your computer and IT needs. Their prices are fair and they are located at The Woodlands. Give them a call!"
Nancy Curtis
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